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About Vikjay


Founded in 1983 as a minority owned company, Vikjay Industries, Inc.,  is a leading manufacturer of Metalworking Fluids.  All products are custom formulated and blended to meet the specific manufacturing requirements of our valued customer.  The goal of our products is to increase productivity and decrease costs of our customer’s specific manufacturing process, while operating in an environmentally safe manner.  A brief product line can be found below:


Product Line



Drawing, Stamping, Blanking Compounds

Cutting/Grinding Fluids

Straight Oils

Straight Oils

Soluble Oils

Soluble Oils





Evaporative/Vanishing Oils


Dry Film





Rust Preventatives

Alkaline Cleaners

Water Based

Solvent Cleaners

Solvent Based

Acid Cleaners

Oil Based

Emulsion Cleaners


Floor Cleaners/Degreasers


Maintenance Cleaners




Maintenance Lubricants   

Forging Lubricants

Hydraulic Oils

Water Based Graphite

Gear Oils

Oil Based Graphite

Way Oils


Spindle Oils




Metal Forming Lubricants

Tube Forming, Wire Drawing, Cold Heading, Extrusion, Coining, Gear Cutting

Metal Spinning, Fine Blanking/Piercing, plus…many more.




1 gallon containers, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon non-returnable drums,

 275 gallon totes, and in bulk tanker quantities




A full staff of Field Engineers, Chemists, and Technical Directors are available to assist or answer any questions you might have regarding our organization or products.  Please contact us for subsequent product literature at one of the following:





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